Why is it universal?

There is very large choice of liquid on the market: one is suitable for hookahs, another for filling stones. You constantly have to choose, thus spend money on a product that is not always appropriate. Our company has developed a special formula, which makes the Vapor Plus liquid suitable for any alternative smoking devices.

electronic hookah

Electronic hookah

It has a huge amount of steam and a real taste of hookah. You will feel the real pleasure of hookah - rich flavor, dense steam.

traditional hookah

Traditional hookah

It can be used as a flavor enhancer for traditional tobacco. Just add a little in a bowl or mix it with hookah tobacco.

steam zone

Steam stone

The special formula is also ideal for use with steam stones.

mini e-hookah

Mini e-hookah

Now you can experience the same taste as traditional hookahs on your electronic devices.

traditional tobacco

Traditional tobacco

Infuse ordinary tobacco with your favorite smoking flavors. Just add a few drops to your pipe.


The flavors were tested on all devices and materials and specially enhanced for maximum transfer of flavor regardless of the device being used.

Strawberry Strawberry
Two apple Two apple
Green apple Green apple
Orange Orange
Pear Pear
Mint Mint
Banana Banana
Black grape Black grape
Cherry Cherry
Green grape Green grape
Dream Dream
Lemon Lemon
Blueberry Blueberry
Mango Mango
Melon Melon
Peach Peach
Pineapple Pineapple
Plum Plum
Raspberry Raspberry
Cuban sun Cuban sun
Red apple Red apple
Sunset Sunset
Watermelon Watermelon
Fruit Mix Fruit Mix


The product quality is achieved through our three main principles which has been perfected through years of experience.

professional equipment
Professional Equipment
natural components
100% natural ingredients from across the world
A highly qualified team of technologists
A highly qualified team of technologists

All components used in the liquid produced by verified companies.

Glycerol Propyleneglycol Flavours Nicotine (0-24 mg/ml)


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